The relationship between a writer and a reader is an intimate journey. I am a dark soul who is always striving to stay in the light. I am wanting to share my experience in the world with others who will identify and enjoy. If I entertain and help someone see things in a clearer or gentler way, increasing awareness of the tender beauties in our fragile world, then my goal is fulfilled. I am selling books simply to cover the costs of printing them. My hope is that I may touch as many kindred souls as possible.

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In Poseidon's Pocket Meanderings of a Twisted Mind

"In Poseidon's Pocket"     300 pages (10 color pages) ~ Softcover 5x8 ~ $15.00 Includes S&H
A memoir of the passion and the pain as an innocent young bride follows her husband for five years at sea aboard a commercial fishing boat. The triumphant adventures and the harrowing storms and the daily confrontations with natural chaos create an emotional ride that opens hearts and closes lives.

"Meanderings of a Twisted Mind"     136 pages ~ Softcover 5x8 ~ $12.00 Includes S&H
A collection of poetry, prose and original art including thoughts and memoirs on nature, politics, death, and love.

Don Sherwood ~ The Life and Times of "The World's Greatest Disc Jockey" by Laurie Harper ~~~ Available at Barnes & Noble Online

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